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How To Field Strip A Glock

Here is how you field strip a Glock for regular cleaning and lubrication. First make sure the firearm is safe by checking the chamber to make sure there are no rounds and nothing in the magazine well. Put your thumb in the tang and your fingers over the slide and pull the slide back just a little bit. Pull the takedown lever down on both sides. Press the trigger and slide the slide forward. Slightly compress the recoil spring assembly and lift it out. Tilt the slide over the barrel will fall out. This is called field stripping. Typically, this is all you need to do to clean and lubricate your Glock. The majority of Glock owners will never take their weapon down any further than this. To reassemble insert the barrel and slightly slide it forward. Take the round end of the recoil spring assembly and face it forward. Slightly compress the recoil spring assembly and make sure the disk on the back is in the half moon section of the barrel. Place the slide on the frame and slide it backwards. Finish by function testing your weapon by manipulating the slide and pulling the trigger.

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