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Concealed Carry Permits

We have been certified as an official CCW vendor by many Southern California municipalities and UT and AZ to administer both the classroom and firing range portions of your CCW initial certification and renewal.

We can help you with San Diego County, Riverside County, Murrieta PD, Hemet PD, Menifee PD, Banning PD, and Beaumont PD.

Murrieta, Hemet, Menifee, Banning or Beaumont

Initial or Renewal

San Diego County

Initial or Renewal

Riverside County

Initial or Renewal


Multi-Sate CCW (AZ & UT)


CA mandated 16-hour class and shooing qualification is $300.

CA mandated 8-hour renewal and shooting qualification is $150.

Multistate (UT & AZ) CCW costs $200 and covers 36 states (not CA).

All CA CCW Classes Are Canceled Until Further Notice Due To CA DOJ - Multi-Sate CCW Classes Are Still Ongoing


Contact us to set up private or semiprivate classroom instruction and shooting qualification.


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