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CCW: If You Carry, Carry

If you have a concealed carry permit and you carry a gun, commit to carrying always. This vital defensive tool does you no good if it's not within reach. Eliminate excuses for not carrying. Store your keys, your wallet, your phone and your firearm in a place you will always see them and walk out the door prepared. When you do walk out the door don't say things like, "Oh I'm going to a safe neighborhood" or "I'm just going to the store for a minute, I don't need my gun." Always take it with you. Carry your gun in a way that is comfortable for you. Carry it in a way that fits your body type. Adjust your wardrobe to always be able to carry. Carry a gun and carry in a way that is not uncomfortable for you. Eliminate comfort as an excuse. You can't predict when evil is going to interact with you. Always be prepared to defend yourself and your family. You don't want the day evil chooses you to be the day you decided not to carry your gun. Always carry.

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