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How A Revolver Works

Here is how a double action/single action revolver works. With your right thumb press the cylinder release button forward. With your left fingers press the cylinder from right to left. The revolver is empty and safe when the cylinder is open and each of the individual cylinders has no round in it. To load the weapon put rounds in the cylinders and close the cylinder from left to right. When the hammer is forward, the revolver is in double action mode. Pulling the heavy trigger pulls the hammer back and sends it forward. Cocking the hammer back with your right thumb places the revolver into single action mode. A light trigger pull sends the hammer forward. To decock the gun without discharging a round, hold the hammer back with your thumb, pull the trigger with your finger, and ease the hammer forward. To empty the spent brass from the gun, open the cylinder, point the gun skyward, and push the plunger and the empty brass falls out. Compared to a semi-automatic handgun a revolver is easier to operate, however it holds substantially fewer rounds.

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