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Safety Committee

We will work with your staff and volunteers to evaluate the safety and preparedness of your school, church, or business. After we evaluate your current readiness, we will produce a written report and live presentation detailing our findings of your strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we will train your staff and volunteers in the areas needed to be a safe and prepared facility for your clientele and staff.

To set an appointment for a consultation and receive a price quote:

call or text: 951-574-9009 or email:


Lethal & Nonlethal Respones

Your staff can be trained to run, hide, or fight in many ways. We offer both lethal (firearm, knife and hand to hand) responses and nonlethal (pepper spray, taser, etc.) responses to the training we offer. No participant should ever be trained in methods which are uncomfortable to them.


Before, During, & After

Your staff will be trained what to do every day to reduce the risks of being victims. Everyone will be taught how to respond during an emergency. And, all participants will learn how to increase survival odds after the incident.

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