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Skill Builder Classes

These classes can be taken in order or independently.


Drawing From A Holster - $100
Tuesday, January 3rd
Sunday, May 28th
Sunday, June 25th
Wednesday, August 16th
Wednesday, October 11th
Wednesday, November 15th

Learn to safely and rapidly draw a loaded firearm from an on the body holster. If you have a CCW or ultimately want to get a CCW, this class is a must.

Clearing A Room - $100
Tuesday, January 10th
Wednesday, March 22nd
Wednesday, May 31st
Thursday, July 6th
Monday, August 28th
Sunday, October 22nd
Wednesday, November 8th
Learn the basics on how to pass through a door, walk down a hall, inspect corners, and avoid being seen. This is a class perfect for anyone looking to protect their home.

room clearing.jpg

Reloads & Malfunctions - $100
Tuesday, February 7th
Thursday, April 20th
Wednesday, June 14th
Sunday, July 30th
Saturday, September 23rd
Wednesday, November 1st
Sunday, December 10th
You will learn to identify and reflexively clear three types of malfunctions and perform two common reloads. This class will dramatically improve your gun handling skills.

One-Handed Shooting - $100
Tuesday, January 24th
Saturday, April 1st
Saturday, June 10th
Saturday, July 15th
Wednesday, September 6th
Wednesday, October 18th
Wednesday, December 6th
You will learn to shoot with both your firing and support hands. This is an important skill to have if you are wounded or if you are frequently with small children or non-shooters.

one handed.jpg
two person.jpg

Couples Shooting - $100
Tuesday, February 14th
Sunday, May 21st
Saturday, August 12th
Saturday, September 30th
Saturday, December 2nd
Learn how to shoot with a partner. Gain the knowledge you need to excel in a gun fight when you have a partner on your side. You can sign up solo or with a partner.

from a car.jpg

Shooting From A Car - $100
Tuesday, January 31st
Thursday, April 6th
Saturday, June 3rd
Wednesday, July 19th
Sunday, September 17th
Monday, November 6th
This class will help you learn to draw and shoot from your car in all directions and how to escape your car under fire. Sadly, this is a skill we need more these days.

Red-Dot Pistol Shooting - $100
Tuesday, February 21st
Wednesday, April 26th
Wednesday, June 21st
Wednesday, August 2nd
Sunday, December 3rd
Red dots are becoming more popular, but that doesn't mean you will slap one on your gun and never miss. Bring your favorite gun with a red dot mounted on it and we will zero your red dot and teach you techniques which will help you be more accurate.

red dot.jpg

These are not entry level classes.
It is highly recommended to take the holster class first as the other classes build on skills learned in that class.

Each class is limited to six participants.

A $30 range may apply.

If you have questions call or text:

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