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After Action Drills

Following a shooting incident, you want to perform after action drills. When your opponent is down you step to the side. Look over your left shoulder and your right shoulder, making sure there is no one else around. Check the scene. Is the guy down? Is he out? You check from your feet to the horizon. Look up in buildings. Look up in windows. Is everything safe? Check your gun. Is your gun in proper working order? Finally, when everything is safe, put your gun back in your holster. Following a shooting event, you move off the X, in case anyone is aiming at you. Ideally, you will move to cover and concealment. When you are looking over your shoulders you are not only looking for bad guys, but you are also breaking up your tunnel vision. When you are checking your surroundings, you are looking to see if the bad guy is a threat any longer. You look at your feet; is there a pool of blood under you? Did your magazine fall out? Are there other adversaries coming? You check your gun. Was it damaged during the fight? Is there any brass sticking out of the chamber? And, finally, after you are certain everything is safe, slowly, reluctantly and safely return your gun to the holster.

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