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CCW: Get Licensed

If you want to carry a firearm concealed, get licensed and do it legally. In fact, you can receive licenses from other states as a non-resident, giving you reciprocity in dozens of states. Over half of the states in the nation now offer constitutional carry or permitless carry. While it is legal to carry without a license in most of those states, most of those states offer incentives to those who are permitted, allowing you more freedom and liberty as to where and when you can carry. Study and know the laws as they pertain to concealed carry. As an example, in some jurisdictions you are not allowed to consume alcohol while carrying, while others you just have to be bellow the legal limit. In some jurisdictions a permitted carry holder can take their weapon onto a school ground, in others they may not. Yes, it is your Constitutional right to carry, however, you still must obey the laws where you stand. Study and obey the laws, train often and get licensed.

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