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Clear & Enter A Door

Here is how you clear and walk through a door with a handgun. Point the gun bellow your hand and bellow the doorknob and soft check the doorknob with your support hand. If it is unlocked fling it open and step back. Again, for your safety, point the gun bellow the doorknob and bellow your hand. Soft check the doorknob. If it is unlocked fling it open and step back. After the door is open you step over to the side that offers you the most cover. You start looking into the room and moving from side to side. You are clearing to make sure there is nobody in there. You quickly get through what is called the fatal funnel. Once you have cleared as much room as you can, pull the gun back close to you and quickly get through the threshold. Once in the room, immediately clear the corners. Again, as you are walking through the threshold pull the gun in close to you so that no one can reach out and grab it. Once you are through the threshold extend your arms and be ready to engage.

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