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High Compressed Ready

Here is how you use the high compressed ready. When you use the high compressed ready you want to have the gun at rest, pointing forward with both hands on the firearm. You want to present the firearm forward. After having it at rest at or near your sternum. When the gun is close in you have your elbows tucked in close and not flared out. When you present the gun, you are presenting it into an isosceles stance. In the high compressed ready you are in a stronger position, so if someone is trying to steal your gun from the front or the side you are better able to defend yourself. It is also very consistent in presenting the weapon, when you are presenting to the same point every time. Also, as you are turning corners or going through doors, the high compressed ready makes it harder for an adversary to grab the weapon. In addition, when compared to the low ready, the high compressed ready provides a faster presentation. The high compressed ready provides many options for all kinds of self-defense scenarios.

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