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Proper Sight Alignment Is The 2nd Of 3 Keys To A Perfect Shot

A proper sight alignment begins by creating a straight line. The straight line goes from your eye, runs through your back sights, to your front sight and to the target. Ninety percent of your focus needs to be on that front sight. You are not focused on the back sights or the target, but the front sight. You want the focus on your front sight to be so intense that your back sight and target are blurry. You want equal sunlight to come from your left and right side of your front sight. And, you want to create a straight line across the top of your sights. If your front sight is lower, your shot will go down. If your front sight is higher your shot will go up. If your front sight is to the left or the right, your shot will go in that direction. Your goal is to keep your sights perfectly still and to have extra focus on that front sight. Proper sight alignment is the second of three important aspects of the perfect shot.

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