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CCW: Adopt The Lifestyle

If you are going to get a license and carry concealed, don't just dabble in it, adopt the lifestyle. Don't just complain about anti-Second Amendment politicians and anti-Second Amendment laws. Put your money where your mouth is. Support organizations that will protect your Second Amendment right. Invest in concealed carry insurance, so that if you ever have to use your weapon you are covered. Study and obey the laws which govern Second Amendment issues, and concealed carry specifically. Attend firearms training and classes to hone your firearms skills and maintain your abilities. Practice under simulated stress. Continue to push the envelope. Continue to add new tools to your concealed carry toolbox. If you can't perform in front of friends or an instructor, you won't be able to perform when your life is on the line, in front of a bad guy. Know what you are doing. As a concealed carry holder, you are held to a higher standard. Don't just carry a gun, adopt the concealed carry lifesyle.

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