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CCW: Be Ready To Use It

If you are going to carry a firearm concealed, you have to be ready to use it. If you haven't contemplated the legal, moral, and ethical fallout in exchanging someone else's life for your own, you are not ready to carry yet. Bad guys sense your apprehension and your unwillingness. You must be confident. Studies have shown that a person who is willing to defend himself is a less attractive victim to a bad guy, while person unwilling to fight back is far more appealing to your average crook. A person who is more willing to defend their own life with deadly force is less likely to have to. If you have a concealed carry permit carry with confidence, practice often, and avoid situations where you are forced to use your gun, but always be ready to use it. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't be an easy victim. If you are unaware, you have helped the bad guy pick his next victim. If you carry concealed, always carry, be situationally aware, and be ready to use it.

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