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Checking A Gun On A Plane

Here is how you check a handgun onto an airplane. First make sure your gun is empty and has no magazines in it. Insert your empty handgun into a hardcase designed for transport. Don't store any magazines or ammunition with the gun. Shut and secure the case and lock the case with either key or combination locks. Don't share the key or the combination with anyone. Once the gun case is completely secured and locked, insert the locked case into your luggage. You can use hard case luggage or soft case luggage. Shut the suitcase and attach a lock to it. This is how you will transport your gun to the airport. When you arrive at the airport and go up to your airlines ticket counter and ask for a firearms declaration form. Fill out the front and sign the back of the form. The form will be affixed to your gun case. The gun case will be inserted back into your luggage and your luggage will be locked. Your suitcase will be checked like normal luggage and will be received at your destination city like normal luggage. Check with your airline regarding their policy regarding firearms transport as not all airlines have the exact same policy.

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