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Clearing A Type 3 Malfunction

Here is how you clear a type 3 malfunction. A type 3 malfunction, also known as brass low, or the mother of all malfunctions, is when you have two rounds trying to enter into the barrel on the feed ramp. When you detect that there is something wrong with your gun, you look into the chamber to see what is wrong, while simultaneously moving off the X. When you've visually confirmed you have a type 3 malfunction you reach down with your support hand to confirm you have a loaded magazine on your hip. You reach back up to your gun and lock your slide back. You strip the magazine from the gun to the ground. With your support hand you reach back up to your slide three time to eject anything that is caught into the feed ramp or barrel. You now have a functioning, but empty gun. With your support hand you reach down and index a full magazine off of your belt. You briskly insert the magazine into the magazine well. Reach back up. Rack the slide and insert the new round. You point back in, back on sights, back on target.

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