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Dry Practice

Safe and proper dry practice is an important way to work on consistent trigger control. Safe dry practice is typically done with no ammunition on the gun or in the room. Another form of dry practice can be done with this dry fire mag. It allows for trigger pull and trigger reset. But sometimes it doesn't feel just right. Another dry practice tool is this EMS laser. It's the same size as a cartridge, so it will drop into any weapon of the same caliber. Pull back the slide and your striker fires the device and it emits a laser out the barrel. A Sirt pistol is another great option. It's usually the same size and weight as a normal pistol, but they can be a little expensive. A Laser Light system does the same thing for half the price. But it doesn't quite feel like a firearm or have a trigger pull like one. Consistent and safe dry practice should be a part of every shooter's routine. Improve your trigger control and shot accuracy with regular dry practice.

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