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Holster Draw: Open Cover

Here is how to draw from a holster with an open front cover. Open front cover can be an unbuttoned shirt, unzipped hoody, or a jacket that has been left open. As you slap your support hand to your belly button you make a "C" with your firing hand. You scrape the "C" along your ribs to flip the open front cover out of the way. With your firing hand you drive down on the tang of your firearm acquiring a perfect one-handed grip. Your trigger finger is extended. You pull the gun straight up out of the holster and when the gun has cleared the holster you tilt the gun forward. As you begin to drive the gun towards the chest of the bad guy, your support hand meets and creates a perfect two-handed grip. As you press the gun towards the chest of the bad guy, you put your finger on the trigger, take out the slack, and present the gun to your eye.

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