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Hot Brass Boogie

Every time you fire a semiautomatic handgun, hot spent brass is ejected out the right side of that handgun. If you are standing to the right of another shooter, frequently their hot brass will land on you. If the hot brass lands on your bare skin, like on your unexposed arm or at your neck on your collar, simply flick it off. It is not so hot that it is going to burn you badly. It is just shocking. If hot brass goes down your shirt keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Take your support hand and pin the brass up against your body, grab it with your shirt, and then release it down to the ground. It will only be hot for a second or two. What you don't want to do is overreact and point your muzzle in an unsafe direction. Doing the hot brass boogie will only cause you to take an uncomfortable situation and turn it into a dangerous, and possibly lethal situation. Expect a little hot brass to be thrown in your direction and don't overreact.

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