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How A Bullet Works

Here is how the four components of a bullet make it work. The primer is located at the back of the cartridge. It is the only thing that truly explodes in the cartridge. The cartridge case holds the primer in the rear. It holds the gun powder on the inside and holds the bullet in place. The gun powder must be measured specifically, down to the grain, to provide the right pressure. The bullet is the only thing that leaves the front of the muzzle. When the trigger is pulled, the striker or firing pin impacts the primer. The primer lets off a small explosion. The explosion burns the gun powder inside the casing. A large amount of pressure is created inside the casing and the bullet is discharged down the barrel and out the muzzle. Gun powder is relatively slow burning. It provides the pressure which causes the bullet to react. The bullet must travel the path of least resistance, which is down the barrel.

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