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How A Single Action Revolver Works

Here is how a single action revolver works. When the hammer is forward and in the safe position the trigger does not engage, does not discharge a round. By pulling the hammer halfway back you place the hammer in the halfcocked position. On the right side of the cylinder, you open the loading gate. This is how you load ammunition into the gun. With the hammer in the halfcocked position, you can rotate the cylinder, having easy access to put ammunition into or out of the gun. Pushing the ejector removes spent brass or unused ammunition from the individual cylinders. By pulling the hammer back all the way you place the gun in the full cocked position. By slightly squeezing the trigger and easing the hammer forward you place the gun in the safe position. The gun will not discharge. The gun also will not discharge in the halfcocked position. The trigger will only function and the gun will discharge ammunition only when hammer is actively placed in the full cocked position. A single action revolver cannot discharge a round unless the user has actively pulled the hammer back in the full cocked position and pulled the trigger.

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