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How To Clean A Gun

Here is how you clean a handgun. After you've field stripped your gun, you take a synthetic brush, and you scrub every surface area with a liberal amount of bore cleaner. You do the same thing with your barrel but using a caliber specific barrel brush. Then you take gun cleaning patches. You clean all of the bore cleaner off of every surface of the gun. Remember, it is a corrosive. You clean off the bore cleaner with the cleaning patches until you can pull the cleaning patches through the gun until they're clean. Then apply a very conservative amount of gun lubricant to cleaning patches and hit every surface of your gun. This continues to clean the gun but adds a protective film to protect the gun against rust. You again take dry cleaning patches and wipe all the gun oil off the gun. As it relates to the barrel of your gun, you want to make sure you can pass patches through until it's completely clean. And give special attention to the feed ramp. Your final step is to take gun oil with a thin applicator and apply it only to places where metal touches metal. Don't over-lubricate your gun.

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