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How To Interact With The Police With A CCW

Here's how you interact with police if you have a concealed carry permit. Put your car in park. Turn off your ignition. Roll down your window and put your hands on top of the steering wheel so that the approaching officer can see them. When the police officer asks for your license, registration, and proof of insurance, let him know that, "I will absolutely provide that for you officer, but before I do that I wanted to let you know that I have a loaded firearm on my right hip (or wherever you have it), and I'm licensed to carry it in this state." Don't use the word gun, that means something different for police for police officers than it does for us. Use the word firearm. Then ask the officer, "How would you like me to proceed?" The grateful officer will probably say something like, "That's great. Let's keep that gun where it is. Don't pull it out, and provide me with your license." Respond by saying, "Yes sir. My license is in the center counsel (or my front pocket or the glove compartment). Would you like me to reach for it now?" Some cities, counties and states have a mandatory requirement for CCW holders to disclose to any police officers they interact with that the are carrying a firearm. Always be courteous. Always keep your hands where they can see them. Always ask permissions. And, for your safety and theirs, always disclose you have a firearm.

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