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How To Load A Handgun

Here is how to safely load a handgun. With the slide back in the locked position you can see that the gun is unloaded. We are going to utilize these blue dummy rounds to demonstrate how to load the handgun. Taking the magazine in your left hand you index the top round with your index finger. You place the flat back of the magazine against the flat back of the magazine well and insert briskly. The most reliable and slowest way to load your gun is to reach across with your support hand, grab your slide, pull it back 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch and let it go. The least reliable but fastest way of loading your gun is to press down on the slide lock button with your thumb. If the slide is in the forward position with an unloaded gun, you load the magazine the same way and then you reach across the slide with your support hand, pull back all the way and abruptly release the slide. Don't ease the slide forward. All three of these methods will result in a loaded gun.

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