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How To Shoot From A Car

If your life is threatened, while driving, here is how you shoot from your car. First of all, as you are bringing your weapon over to the driver's side window, do not point the weapon down at your two thighs. The last thing you want to do is discharge a round at your femoral arteries. Instead, bring the weapon across your body by ridding the steering wheel. Move your torso away from the door and shoot at the biggest threat first. After you've engaged the targets bring your weapon down into a modified sul or safe position. Scan for additional threats. By ridding the weapon along the steering wheel, you are making sure you are not pointing it at yourself and getting it to the bad guys as quickly as possible. As soon as you have engaged all known threats look around for additional threats. This will break up your tunnel vision and ensure there are no other bad guys close by. If all they want is your car, give it up. Only engage bad guys if your life is in danger.

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