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Isometric Tension

Propper isometric tension when gripping a handgun is achieved when the shooting hand pushes forward on the stock. Simultaneously, the support hand pulls reward on the stock. This simultaneous push and pull is done to stabilize the weapon. This isometric tension is different than a squeeze or a grip. This forward isometric tension is important when controlling muzzle flip. Imagine if the stock were held in a vice in the front and rear. The muzzle flip would be minimized. However, if the same handgun were placed in a vice held by the sides, the muzzle flip would be substantial. This forward and rearward isometric tension is not done in such a way that the weapon cannot be held for a long period of time. This firm, front and back, isometric tension results in the weapon jumping less during muzzle flip after shots. This results with you being able to get on target more quickly.

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