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Port Loading A Shotgun

Here is how you port load a shotgun. You can port load either a pump action shotgun or a semi-automatic. You can either load fresh shells from a shell holder located anywhere on your shotgun or from a shell holder located on your belt. After you discharge the round in the chamber you reach in with your left hand and you index the shell between your pinky and index finger. You can reach over or under the shotgun with that shell in your left hand. In this case I am reaching under because I have a red dot in the way on top. Between shots your firing finger goes straight. With the fresh shell indexed between your pinky and index finger and insert the round into the chamber. In the case of the pump gun, you run the pump chambering the fresh round. Port loading a shotgun is an important thing to know when your magazine tube is out. Practice port loading a shotgun when there is no emergency so you can do it reflexively when there is an emergency.

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