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Proper Grip Is The 1st Of 3 Keys To A Perfect Shot

The proper grip of a handgun begins with the acquisition of that handgun. You want to place the tang or the backstrap in between the meaty part between your thumb and index finger. You want that webbing between the two fingers to be high up on the backstrap or tang. As your support hand joins the grip you want your index finger up against the top of the trigger guard. You want your thumbs to overlap. The specifics depend on who you are talking to. Shooting thumb over support thumb, support thumb over shooting thumb, or support thumb in front of shooting thumb. But firm use of your thumbs is important for control to control the weapon. Your support hand fingers should be together and should be overlapping the firing side fingers. You want to create isometric tension by pushing with your firing hand and pulling with your support hand. A proper grip is the first of three aspects of the perfect shot.

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