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Tactical Reload

Here is how to do a tactical reload. When you are at the end of a gun fight or at the lull of a gun fight, remove the partially depleted magazine from your gun and replace it with a full magazine from your hip. Or, put more simply, it is partially depleted magazine out, full magazine in. Keeping your eye on the bad guy and your gun up, use your firing side thumb to release the magazine and take your support side hand to take the magazine out and stow it in a pocket. With your support side hand index a full magazine off of your belt and insert it briskly into the firearm. The round in the chamber has stayed there. You have replaced the partially depleted magazine with a full magazine You now have a fully loaded firearm, in case more bad guys show up or your original bad guy gets up off the ground. Store the partially depleted magazine in a support side pocket. You don't ever want to let good rounds fall to the ground. You may need them later.

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