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Top 3 Tips For CCW Holsters

Here are the top 3 tips when selecting a holster for concealed carry. First off, there are lots of types of holsters to choose from. With the paddle holster, the paddle goes inside the waistband and the gun is outside the waistband. With an inside the waistband holster the gun and the holster go inside your waistband and the holster attaches to pants or belt. With an outside the waistband holster, the holster and the gun are outside your pants and the holster is connected to your body via belt loop. A belly band holster wraps around your waist and usually goes under your shirt. Whatever holster you select it must have three features. #1 it must completely cover the trigger and the trigger guard. You don't want yourself or someone else to accidentally discharge your weapon. #2 it must have good weapon retention. You cannot afford to drop the weapon if you have to run, or you fall down. And #3 it must comfortably fit you and your lifestyle.

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