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Using a Flashlight with a Handgun

Here are a few things to consider when using a flashlight for concealed carry or with a handgun. The FBI Technique. If your adversary is blinded by your flashlight and decides to shoot toward your flashlight, likely he will not hit any vital parts of your body. On the downside it only allows for one handed fire which lacks in stability. Next is the Harries Technique. This technique provides great stability because the support hand is used to stabilize your shooting hand. The downside to this technique is that if your adversary is shooting toward the light, he is likely to hit your face or other vital organs. Next is the gun mounted light. This method provides the greatest stability on the gun as both hands are engaged with the pistol. In addition, if your support hand is needed to open a door or defend yourself from an attacker, it is burdened by having the light in that hand. The light and the gun can be trained on your adversary.

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