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Visiting The Shooting Range

When visiting the shooting range here's a couple of things to make sure someone is providing. Whether it's you, the range, or your instructor, some of these things should be provided for comfort and some of these things are mandatory for safety. Make sure you have lots of ammo and make sure your firearms arrive in a locked case. Make sure plenty of water is provided for everyone and make sure you have a fully functioning med kit. Tape and staples to affix targets. A posted listing of firearms safety rules. Colored dummies, kept separately to practice malfunctions. Training guns, liability waivers, and electronic hearing protection for everybody. Your target frames should be sturdy, and your targets should be firmly affixed to your target frames. You need high barriers around your shooting area. You need a sturdy platform for reloading your magazines. If you're outside, make sure you have plenty of shade. If you're inside, make sure you have proper ventilation. In order to have fun you need to be safe.

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