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Dry Practice

Dry practice is one of the best ways to improve your marksmanship. First, place a temporary target on a ballistic wall. Make sure you have no ammunition anywhere in the same room. Triple check that you have no magazines in the gun and no rounds in the chamber. Aim in on your target getting perfect sight picture and sight alignment. And rack the slide. Take the slack out of the trigger and take a smooth, perfect, slow pprreeessss of the trigger. Focus hard on that front sight. Did the front sight dip or move to the side when you pulled the trigger? If it did you pressed the trigger too firmly. What you are looking to replicate over and over again is a smooth press of the trigger which results in no movement in your front sight. This is a wonderful drill to practice on the range, at home, or on the road. Work on dry practice no more than ten minutes a day, as many days as you can a week. When you are finished dry practicing say out loud, "I am done dry practicing," and remove the temporary target from the wall.

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