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How to Disassemble a Glock

Here's how you disassemble a Glock for cleaning, maintenance or repair. Pull the takedown levers down, pull the slide slightly back, press the trigger and it separates. Slightly compress the recoil spring assembly and remove it and remove the barrel. Use a Glock tool and a roll of tape to remove the trigger housing pin. Do the same to remove the locking block pin. And remove the trigger pin the same way. Typically, the trigger pin is a little more finicky. If you wiggle the slide stop lever while you're pushing it will frequently help. You can now easily remove the slide stop lever and the locking block. Then just lift up the trigger assembly and it will all come out together. If you are going to work on the internal components of the trigger assembly or the internal components of the slide, I would have that done by a certified Glock Armorer. To remove your takedown lever, take your Glock tool and press down on the slide lock spring. Then slide your takedown lever out to the slide. For this next part a use a very small flathead screwdriver. Take the screwdriver and move the magazine catch spring to side and then the magazine release button will pop out. This will make it easier to clean your gun or replace parts.

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