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How To Rack A Slide On A Handgun

Here is how to properly rack a slide on a semi-automatic handgun. The top of the gun is the slide. The bottom of the gun is the frame. Don't rack the gun away from the body, you'll be using your weaker forearm muscles. Instead, bring the gun close to your chest muscles and your shoulder muscles. In addition, use both hands while racking the gun. Push with your right hand and pull with your left hand. Don't rack the gun using the slingshot method. If your gun is covered in blood, sweat, and tears you only have two points of contact. Instead, use your entire hand to make contact with the gun. When racking the gun don't ease the slide forward, you are certain to cause a malfunction from the ejection port. Instead, pull the slide back and release it. Let the gun do the work. You can align your body to get a better angle on the slide. However, be sure that the gun is pointing downrange. Don't turn your body and the gun so that you are muzzling someone in the lane next to you.

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