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How To Unload A Handgun

Here is how you unload a handgun to make sure it is safe. For demonstration purposes the magazine is in the gun and loaded with blue dummy rounds and you can see there is a blue dummy round in the chamber. The first thing you do to make sure this gun is safe is you push the magazine release. This drops the full magazine out of the magazine well and removes all of the dummy rounds, except for the one in the chamber. Here is how we remove that final round out of the chamber to make sure the gun is completely empty. Keeping the gun pointed away from you, you turn the gun upside down. You cup your hand over the ejection port, and you pull the slide back. The round in the chamber simply falls into your hand. With the rounds out of the gun you want to make the gun inoperable and be able to check the magazine well and the ejection port for additional rounds. You move the slide lock up and slide the slide back. This locks the slide back in place so you can inspect the gun and verify that there are no rounds in the chamber or in the magazine well. Once you've inspected the barrel and magazine well and determined there is no rounds in the gun, it is empty, but still should be handled with care.

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