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Clearing A Malfunction

Updated: May 2, 2022

When presented with most malfunctions, the proper response is tap, rack, flip, point back in. These type 1 or type 2 malfunctions are going to be caused by bad primers or if a round or spent brass is caught in the ejection port of your firearm. You look, move, tap, rack, and flip. If you pull the trigger and you get a click and no bang or a dead trigger, you look and move, tap the bottom of the magazine and rack and flip the weapon and point back in on target. Look and move, tap, rap, flip. You are looking into the ejection port of the weapon to diagnose what is wrong. Simultaneously, you are moving off the line so as not to be an easy target. You tap the bottom of the magazine to make sure it is properly seated. You tilt the weapon to the side to allow gravity to help. And you rack the slide to eject the old round and insert a new one.

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